What is WSOP School of Poker?


WSOP School of Poker: Real poker lessons for the student to absorb directly from the master.  We have a myriad of different services, all with the same goal of leading you to poker enlightenment.  Just as Zen practice has done for millennia, we emphasize insight and understanding through interaction with an accomplished poker teacher.  Poker is a difficult game to learn with many facets, and through our mentoring you will come to realize many sudden insights in to the true inner workings of the game we all love, which will elevate not only your game, but your approach to the game, to the next level.


I would like to receive more information.


To request more personal information to your particular needs send us your request to info@wsopschoolofpoker.com and we will respond to your every needs. After submitting your request you will be contacted by WSOP SOP within 24 hours to follow-up and answer any questions you may have.


How do I contact?

TheWSOP School of Poker team is ready to answer all of your questions and provide you with any information you may need. Contact us by sending an email to info@wsopschoolofpoker.com  or call us toll-free at 1-855-936-7653 anytime, any day, and we’ll be happy to speak with you


What are the types of poker instructional sessions are offered?

TheWSOP School of Poker offers different types of classes’ cash or tournament every game; you may request a special event just for you and your group. Just send your request to

info@wsopschoolofpoker.com we can customize a Vegas experience for you.




Who are the instructors?

Our carefully selected instructors are some of the world’s best poker players, behavioral experts and poker media personalities. TheWSOP School of Poker works only with the best of the best. Our instructors have been hired for their professional expertise and skill as well as their abilities to lead, teach, discuss, motivate and make theWSOP School of Poker experience as much enjoyable as it is educational. They are committed to sharing their secrets and strategies for poker success. Our world-class instructors include Brian Rast, Vanessa Rousso, Kristy Arnett and many more. See our growing family for a complete list and instructor bios.





How many people attend a session?

Because our philosophy is to create a positive and intimate learning experience the event size is usually limited to 50 people for two-day sessions. By limiting the number of seats available this allows us to provide you with a lowest instructor to attendee ratio (1 to 8) in the industry, which means that you will receive a high level of one-on-one attention and personalized feedback making for the ultimate poker learning experience.





What level of knowledge and experience do I need to have to attend a session?

We suggest beginner, intermediate, and novice players request private sessions although this is not mandatory. If you want to attend our normal 2-day sessions let us know about your skill level and we will have one of our support pros give you some special mentoring as time allows. Our exclusive poker sessions have been tailored to suit advanced poker player with experienced on the felt We believe that in order to achieve poker greatness and make more money playing poker that you always have to be a student of the game.



What makes our sessions unique?

We provides a unique mix that won’t be found in any other poker instruction setting.

  • WSOP School of Poker offers university style teaching to maximize your potential, we have 52 minute sessions then QA
  • Personalized poker education by World-Renowned Instructors: WSOP Bracelet Winners, WPT Champions accomplished poker players, behavioral experts, acclaimed poker media personalities
  • Custom and exclusive courseware & training materials developed by experts in each area
  • WSOP School of Poker has on site nutritionist, massage therapist, and chiropractor to work with you .
  • Our focus is on building loyalty and providing excellent service


 What Prizes Can You Win During a session?

 We do occasionally offer random drawings for major tournament buy-ins. See details of the session you are attending or send us a request for details to info@wsopschoolofpoker.com .

You may be required as part of the Prize to wear approved WSOP School of Poker swag ie patches,cap, shirt etc. If winner declines to participate in prize rules they maybe at WSOP School of Poker discretion declined the prize, and winner will not receive any compensation.


Prize’s are  limited to only the actual training session noted in the description unless noted it will not include airfare or Hotel.

All prizes; credits and comps no matter how acquired are subject to expire one year from the date of their issue No Exceptions.


Credits & Comps

If you chose to use a buy-in prize for aWSOP School of Poker session that costs more than the credit won, you will have to pay the difference between the two.

Any session  booked using credit awarded as a prize, is subject to the same cancellation policy as a paid session.WSOP School of Poker is in no way responsible for lodging or travel expenses unless stated in writing for the particular event.

Periodically credits, comps and prizes can be awarded at the discretion of theWSOP School of Poker All prizes; credits and comps no matter how acquired are subject to expire one year from the date of their issue No Exceptions


Promo Codes & Affiliate Codes 

On occasion promo codes will be issued to our affiliates for their followers these my be publish on all social media outlets which makes them available to the public.WSOP School of Poker may issue promo codes to our pros for their follower the same applies they become public. During the course of the year numerous codes may be generated at no time can any offers be combined for a bigger savings. Only one promo code per-purchased entry no exception zen poker mentoring reserves all rights to cancel or not honor promo code on a case by case basis.


How do I register?

There are 2 ways to register:

  1. Online: To register for an event online go to checkout page and select the event that you want to attend. Follow the registration steps.
  2. By Phone: To register by phone call us toll-free at 1 855-936-7653


What payments do you accept?

Visa, MasterCard, Discover and PayPal  & call in for American Express, cashier’s check must clear 30 days before session


Price Guarantee 

WSOP School of Poker may use a low price guarantee  to give the consumer confidence to buy earlier to help sell out the venue in a timely manner with the understanding if a lower base price is published  by WSOP School of Poker we will honor the lower base price excluding other discounts.

IE: base price $2000.00 new published price $1800,00 customer would be refunded $200

IE: base price $2000.00 customer also has promo code for $200 sale price $1800 new published price $1800,00 customer would not be refunded $200 you can’t combine the lower base price and the previous coupon or promo code


How much does it cost to attend?

The cost varies by event. For specific pricing go to the event page you are interested in.




Do I have to pay the full amount for the session before attending?

Yes all session 1-Day,2-Day and any private sessions must be paid in full in advance no exceptions.  Deposits with promises to pay at event are not acceptable form of payment under any circumstances.


 When you opt into our email or make a purchase.

You are agreeing to allow WSOP School of Poker to contact you through our email program, phone or any other vehicle we choose to keep you up to date on our current events, free giveaways ect. You always retain the right to opt out at anytime at which case you will be removed from all list.




Do you offer a group discount for registering multiple attendees?

NO, but check the internet for our affiliates they often times have discount codes associated with their sites.





What if I register for a session , but then can’t attend?


Attendees that cancel outside of 90 days may receive a full cash refund (this doesn’t apply to private mentoring only credit is issued), or transfer their registration to a futureWSOP School of Poker session good for up to one year from the original session date. If the attendee does not cancel outside of 90 days, they will not be eligible for a refund, but may still transfer to a future session good for one year from original session date. The attendee must cancel prior to 72 hours before their scheduled session or they will not be eligible for a transfer. If the attendee leaves a session in progress they are not eligible for a refund or transfer. If the attendees fail to attend their registered session or reschedule to attend a future session their spot will be forfeit andWSOP School of Poker will issue no refund. Any and all transfers must be used with in one year from the original session date or it will be forfeited. Transfer credits to future sessions must be of equal value, attendee will be responsible to pay the difference for higher value session. Transfer credits can’t be combined with any other offers or credits.  

What if I register for a session , but the session is cancelled?

On the rare occasion that the WSOP School of Poker is forced to cancel a live event, every registered attendee will receive either a full refund or transfer option for a future event based on his or her preference.

This may happen in our smaller events with short lead time because of (qualifiers ) ie  Casino comps and Hotel stays not being meet, minimum amount of students, not being meet. Act’s of god (such as, but not limited to, fires, explosions, earthquakes, drought, tidal waves and floods);  

TheWSOP School of Poker and its affiliates are not responsible for any other expenses ( airfare,hotels  etc) incurred by the cancelling of an event. Nor shall  theWSOP School of Poker and its affiliates be considered in breach of Contract.



Can you help make my hotel reservations?

Yes when the event you’re attending has rooms included, but feel free to ask we my have a solution for you.


Malfunctioning  WebSite 

If at any time the website is found to be malfunction or defective  from what it was intended to doWSOP School of Poker reserves the right to cancel and or not honor any product sold during the period in which the site  was found not in working order.


Disclaimer: While we make every effort to provide complete and accurate information about our sessions, sometimes there are unforeseen factors that require us to make changes to the schedule, dates, and featured pros. In the case of  schedule and date changes the customer would have the right to cancel and receive a full refund and or transfer their credit to a future event.

In the case of a featured pro being changed and the event proceeding, the customer decides not to attend they will receive a credit only. During major events ie WSOP featured pros can and will be changed if they are still in an event only credits will be issued if customer decides not to attend.. In the event of a change of schedule or cancellation of an eventWSOP School of Poker is not responsible for other costs incurred by participants ie airfare hotel etc.