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Mark Stephen Edwards Joins WSOP School of Poker

Mark Stephen Edwards
Mark has assisted multiple bracelet winners obtain gold by, “corner coaching” with taking advantage of pokers new age of live streaming. To his own credit, though Mark has won ….a World Series of Poker Circuit ring, a first place score in the World Poker Tour Regional Jacksonville, a heads up Championship title out of Biloxi, and countless hours of grinding behind Edwards’ smile, get ready to learn .

Edwards has made a living by the way of a 52 card deck for a number of years now, both online and live. He’s traveled the world and stockpiled a million or so memories. He’s also logged time with the former WSOP Academy and Zen Poker Mentoring as an instructor where he shared his enthusiasm for the game of poker along with his exuberant love of life; melding the two together to teach you how to handle the swings involved in poker and maintain your identity in the game – and away from it.

Event 33 Champion Dutch Boyd with corner coach Mark Stephen Edwards behind Dutch.

So if you just happen to take a seat in a $2/$5 to a $25/$50 No limit Hold’em game or even jump into a No limit Hold’ em tournament, take a second to look at the players. The dark-haired, smiling player that makes you feel more than welcome could be none other than Mark Stephen Edwards. It’s not his job to make you feel comfortable and at ease, but he will as he prepares to take all of your chips. Your response could be that, ‘everyone at the table is trying to take your chips’ and in that, you would be correct. But… you can get outplayed, bluffed, and shown the best hand repeatedly by Edwards as he charms the chips right out of your stack and into his! Be warned, you will have to fight for every chip you take from him.

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