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sign-up June 23rd, Event #47 A Monster Stack Prep

Just added as WSOP Pros  for this event four time bracelet winner Jeff Madsen , three time bracelet winner Dutch Boyd and  circuit ring winner WPT champion Mark Stephen Edwards.
 THE SECOND TABLE IS NOW OPEN 3 SEATS LEFT AND WE ARE DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


WSOP School of Poker and the Rio Poker room

But I’m still receiving requests for it….Exciting news!!…IF 5 MORE PEOPLE SIGN-UP, WE WILL OPEN A SECOND TABLE!  or we could have a 2:30 pm to 6:30 pm prep class IF SPACE IS AVAILABLE. If you sign-up and we don’t reach the five students needed, you can use it for another event of equal value or you will be immediately reimbursed.


Click here to sign up 3 seats left $225.00


 Prep class for the 2017 WSOP  June 23rd Monster Stack Prep or any WSOP events, tours in your area, a  local poker tournaments or even your home game!

June 23rd Monster Stack Prep

One day tune-up is Friday June 23, with WSOP Pro for a half  day of intense hand labs,discussions on poker theory. Let us patch any of the holes in your game make your mistakes in practice and get yourself ready for the real deal

What to expect:

To be held in the RIO poker room Las Vegas Nevada on June 1st starts 9 am to 1 pm
  • Formal discussion on game theory for your event from poker pro Jeff Madsen, Dutch Boyd & Mark Stephen Edwards
  • Live interactive hand labs design with WSOP structure’s in mind
  • Seating is very Limited

And even if you’re not planning to play in the WSOP  event this time around, learning a few trade secrets from the WSOP School of Poker team just might motivate you to dive into the Daily tournaments – an affordable option for recreational players that still holds potential for a major payday.

Click here to sign up 3 seats left $225.00



Click here for  WSOP 2017 Schedule of events to get prep up for 

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  1. HI there, I signed up for the monster stack class a couple weeks ago. not sure I ever got a reciept or details of the class, ie what room etc. can you send to me when you get a chance? David Glendenning,

    1. Hi Dave you are sign-up for the event and on the master list the agenda email will go out about 5 to 7 days before event. Please check your spam folder on 06/05/17 for the receipt. If you don’t find it there let us know we will reissue another one.

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