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Wsop School of Poker enters into a new and creative collaboration with Helix Poker “The Next Generation of Tournaments”.
Helix Poker

Helix Poker brings uniqueness, equity, and MORE to players!

Helix Poker is a San Diego-based promotion and marketing organization specializing in bringing  unique and fresh ideas to the sport of poker. With over 35 years of hands-on experience in the gaming  of  poker landscape, we are introducing a new concept of tournament play into poker rooms worldwide.

Helix Poker was created by players, for players!

Players complain about entering one-day tournaments late or re-entering after elimination and receiving a disproportionate chip stack for the same initial buy-in. Players receiving the same initial chip allotment regardless of entering the 1st or the 8th level creates an inequitable game. Chip Escal8tor presents the a solution for this disparity by designing a system wherein players receive an approximate average chip stack, regardless of what level they enter the tournament.

Escalate your chip stack, and elevate your game!™

Chip Escal8tor allows players of varied bankrolls to enter or re-enter one-day tournaments at different, ever-increasing levels for predetermined increasing entry amounts. The overridingly unique element of Chip Escal8tor is that it allows players to enter a tournament with approximately an average chip stack, on par with other players already on that level.

Helix Poker creates a larger prize pool for a very reasonable buy-in, and accommodates late arrivals and re-entries.

Chipping up is critical to players, and Chip Escal8tor provides this opportunity to them, as they know they will not be short-stacked when beginning play. The effect of Chip Escal8tor increases revenue to the poker room by increasing the field of players, thereby increasing the cash prize pool, and allowing more players to remain in a tournament longer.

Chip Escal8tor takes into consideration important factors for a successful tournament—including potential entries, prize pool, blind structure, and tournament duration. The Chip Escal8tor system is easily customizable to correspond with varying initial buy-in amounts and number of tables in a tournament. Chip escalation is determined by the approximation of a corresponding premium buy-in cost to a relative value of existing chip stacks.


Harrah’s Resort Southern California $85#ChipEscal8tor $5,000 Guaranteed NLHE. 146 Entrants, with a prize pool of $13,600. Payouts:

1st…$3,808, Donnie Goodson
^^^^^^^^The final eight players agreed to an even chop of $1466 each, and high card draw for 1st place–which turned out to be the chip leader anyway!
Final 8 were: Jerry Mangum, Sean Reagan Stafford, Melissa Lenora King, Danny Gonzales, DONNIE GOODSON, Vladimir Medvinsky and Paul Jones, and Quincy Le.


#ChipEscal8tor $5,000 Guaranteed NLHE
Harrah’s Resort Southern California, San Diego
Saturday, March 18, 2017
Entries: 70
Guaranteed Prize Pool: $5,000
Total Prize Pool : $6,425
Payout: 10% of field
The final six players agreed to an even chop of the remaining prize pool, and each received $1,034. Chip leader received 1st place. 2nd-6th places are listed in order of final chip count.1. $1,034, Vincent Gerace, Laguna Woods, CA
2. $1,034, Sarah Nakao, San Diego, CA
3. $1,034, Jim Caan, Carlsbad, CA
4. $1,034, “Vegas” Daniel Enlow, Escondido, CA
5. $1,034, Brian Brusseau, Vista, CA
6. $1,034, Vladimir Medvinsky, Oceanside, CA
7. $321, Monty Farrow, San Marcos, CA


Monthly Chip Escal8tor $5,000 Guaranteed
No Limit Texas Hold ’em tournament
at Harrah’s Resort Southern California

On April 15th, we are awarding TWO WSOP SEATS!

In addition to the WSOP School of Poker training day for the winner of our tournament, we will also award a seat into Event #19, THE GIANT (starts July 9th), and a seat into Event #74, the LITTLE ONE FOR ONE DROP (starts July 11th).

To qualify for THE GIANT seat, you must play a minimum of three hours on a cash game, between 10am-11pm on April 15th -AND- also play in the Chip Escal8tor tournament at 4pm. The GIANT seat will be awarded at 11:30pm, by random drawing of players meeting these qualifications.

The LITTLE ONE FOR ONE DROP seat will be awarded to the winner of the Chip Escal8tor tournament. (Deducted from prize pool)

Levels 1-2: $65+$15 = 8,000 chips
Levels 3-4: $85+$20 = 10,500 chips
Levels 5-6: $105+$25 = 15,000 chips
Levels 7-8: $130+$35 = 25,000 chips
$10 Dealer Bonus Buy = 4,000 chips
$25 Add-on = 4,000 chips

This is a MONTHLY event, taking place every 3rd Saturday of the month. Register for event updates and prize giveaways at the link below!

 GO DIRECTLY TO www.ChipEscal8torcom to get all the information and schedules


ChipEscal8tor Twitter: @ChipEscal8tor

Instagram: @ChipEscal8tor

Twitch: @ChipEscal8tor

SnapChat: @ChipEscal8tor

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