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Nevada Poker League

Nevada Poker League

Organized and operated by Sissy Murphy and a full staff of capable dealers throughout nevada.

Nevada Poker League is your local connection for Poker, Fun and often times Shenanigan’s.

We are not only the longest and best ran League in Vegas, but we are by far the friendliest League. Once you start playing you will see we are like one big family, and like all families there are a few nuts in the mix. We strive to make the league bigger and better each season. The main goal of the NPL is to provide a fun friendly atmosphere where players of all skill levels can have an enjoyable night out without breaking the bank.

We offer Poker Seminars and lessons given by various poker pros and have friendly dealers that are willing to help you learn the game. So come join in on the fun weather you’re a serious player or just want to have fun or dare to take part in some of the late night shenanigans, with over 15 locations we have a locations that fits everyone’s personality.

Click here to go to  NPL for more information locations dates and times of play.

If your bar or restaurant would like an influx of people to your establishment use the contact form below lets talk about what we can do for each other.

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