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David “Bakes” Baker Joins WSOP School of Poker!

David “Bakes” Baker hails from Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.  He took up poker during high school, and started getting serious about it during college at Michigan State.  After taking down some big on-line cashes, David made a trip to Las Vegas and started studying with Vanessa Selbst in order to take his game to the next level.ev19_baker

According to David, he knew he couldn’t break through to become a consistently profitable poker player without some training.  He had been a losing player for about two years then he finally hit a couple of big tournaments.  David knew the path he had to take to make poker his career, and invested some of that money in poker training.

It worked too.  The formalized training was just what Bakes needed, and it gave him the tools to start playing profitable poker full time.

In a past interview, David talked about the importance of poker training and how most decent poker players have the winning potential but they just need to take the next step to become consistently successful.

“They do a lot of right things but they don’t think about the game from a theory perspective.  They know what to do, but they don’t know why they do it.  Once you start to understand the ‘why’ you do things, you can start to develop new strategies and player specific strategies to take your game to the next level.”david_baker_carousel_event_32

With two WSOP Bracelets, eight WSOP Final Tables, 24 WSOP Cashes and almost $7,000,000 in live and online tournament wins, there is no doubt that David has the skill to play and teach the game poker.  Sign up for one of his Academies and he can teach you the skills to take your game to the next level.


Total Live Cashes:  $2,763,216

Total Online Cashes:  $4,044,987

Total lifetime tournament winnings:  $7,000,000

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