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Congratulations Patricia Chavira winner winner chicken dinner.

20161004_220320It’s so funny I have been doing this since 2009 and it’s always the same (“are you kidding me is this for real’s”? Are you punking me who is this?)

And the Winner is Patricia Chavira from area code 91706 she signed-up on 7/9/16 at 2.26 pm at the ipad at our booth in the Rio. Patricia’s first place prize is an exclusive seat to the advanced tournament seminar with Antonio Esfandiari to be held at the Rio Las Vegas on October 27th.


We called Patricia at 12 in the afternoon and sent a follow up email, She was at work and called us back a little over 5 hours later at 5.17 pm to claim her prize.  Patricia sent us a brief thank you email with a short bio.

Patricia Chavira is a Los-Angeles-based freelance writer specializing in poker. She writes the Poker Scene column for Gaming Today covering poker tournaments and profiling local poker personalities. Patricia said she was at the Rio covering the Main Event when she saw our booth.

She has been playing poker for ten years and looks forward to taking her game to the next level.
ANTONIO ESFANDIARI          Positive ambassador for poker

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