All encompassing Poker

2011 42nd Annual WSOP “World Series Of Poker” EVENT #:55 The Poker Players Championship

Phil Hellmuth “You Just Never Fold a Hand”
Brian Rast “You Keep 3 Betting Me and Play Pots with Me”


Phil Helmuth  “Alright Brian you know what,      so thats how its going to be,        well I’m done, you just always want to out play me.
I’m going to get all of your chips if I ever make a hand”


Norman Chad “Brian’s friend Antonio Efandiari says Rast “Is Tuff to Bluff”


The Crowd        “WE WIL WE WILL RAST YOU!”
Brian Rast “I,m sorry Phil i flop the nuts, I call”
Phill Hellmuth “Nice Hand”
Phil Hellmuth “Hey Buddy you should tip the dealer a million he gave me 3 flush draws against you. I knew I shouldn’t have played that hand THE DEALER, mmmm it wasn’t his fault”


Antonio Esfandiari “Brian is part Man and Part Machine he can not be stop!”

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