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The Southeast Valley’s Premier Home Poker League

On a hot summer day in mid-July in the suburbs of Phoenix, the air conditioner had a hard time keeping a house full of warm bodies cool, and it was easy to see why.

This was the biggest tournament Big Slick Poker Circuit had ever hosted:

Five tables, 48 players and a prize pool of nearly $5,000. But the tournaments weren’t always this big. 20160709_192343

In the mid-2000’s, I started playing poker with a few of my friends. Tournaments were sporadic and were usually no more than 7 or 8 people. Through only word of mouth, the tournaments grew to two tables over the next few years. Then the idea was brought up to have regular tournaments and create a league.

Then, in 2011, Big Slick Poker Circuit was born. The deep stack tournaments would be held every month and a free-roll championship tournament would decide the league champion at the end of each season. To this day, that format has been very successful, and our tournaments have grown through only referrals from friends to three full tables every month.
Big Slick Poker Circuit has always focused on one main goal:

To provide a good tournament structure with quality, competitive players in a very friendly setting. And in our sixth year, I believe we’ve managed to stay true to that goal even as the group has grown. How is it done? By constantly soliciting feedback from its players and setting expectations up front. After all, the players are what make any tournament or league successful. I believe that hearing ideas from every player on what they like or don’t like is important in keeping Big Slick Poker Circuit as successful as it is.

Every season, the quality of players continues to improve. From just a few friends sitting around a kitchen table playing poker, to a five-table tournament with multiple players having previously cashed at the WSOP, Big Slick Poker Circuit is truly the Southeast Valley’s Premier Home Poker League.20160828_003221

What’s in the cards for Big Slick?

I’d like to organize some charity tournaments in the future that benefit pet rescues or other local charities as well as continue to grow the group and learn as much about poker as I can.  Maybe one day you’ll see me at the WSOP…

For those interested in joining Big Slick Poker Circuit and playing in our tournaments,
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Commissioner, Kurt Alderson


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  1. I’m humbled and honored to have our little group featured on such a prominent poker website! Thank you so much Arthur for reaching out to me for this tremendous opportunity!

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