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The 12th annual WSOP Final table 1981 Stuey Unger Final Table


Stuey Unger Final Table


A little history to look back on listen to the termonogly WOW we’ve come along way. The commentator’s the famous Curt Gowdy & Bobby Baldwin.


                                                                          The 12th annual WSOP Final table 1981


“The First Time a Player ever Stood up at a Final Table”


“Can’t leave you kids to drown”


“Here comes the Deal Up”


“A Head on” phi-stu-gabe


“In the Hole”


Hole Card Camera


“The Big Power Boy Stack”


When you have that many entries “75”stu-big-jack-binion


“The Flop Up”


“The don’t know they have the same hand”


“A Mammoth Pot”


“Imagine a half a million dollar pot” at the time the largest pot in history


                                                                          Some Famous Faces












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